Monday, June 24, 2019

Book Unveiled

Today is a D Day in terms of my literary pursuit. I have already penned 4 titles in Telugu and it's the maiden attempt in English with eleven stories packed for the readers. Sri Rajesh Chandra garu IPS, Asst.Superintendent of Police inaugurated the latest publication titled "The Riverside man and other short stories ", a collection of eleven short stories.

All these pieces are varied in the nature of the theme and at the same time epitomizing the hidden anecdotes of the Bhadrachalam and its vicinity. Along with locals, the people who don't know Telugu should know the special features confined to this area. That's how I started writing all these with a unique mission.

On the occasion of it, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Sri PV Satyanarayana garu, my friend who happens to be the district correspondent of The Hans India (English daily) helped me a lot in the program. And he also clicked a set of beautiful photos to freeze the moments.

Monday, June 10, 2019

SSC Toppers

Dummugudem, a mandal in the division of Bhadrachalam has two toppers in the results of the tenth class results announced for 2018-19. Usha Rani, studying in the school of  ZPHS, Parnasala achieved 9.2 G.P.A and Sowmya, studying in the school of SNAM ZPHS, Narsapuram achieved 9.2 G.P.A., heartily congrats to both of them. And both have studied in the schools of Zilla Parishat management and got that exemplary achievement.

                                                                   (Usha Rani)


Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Poems in a breezy evening

Padyam or traditional poem is a unique form of Telugu language.And there are scores of poems penned by many poets. Among them, Daasaradhi Satakam is a prominent one.Satakam means a collection of hundred poems.Daasaradhi Satakam was penned by Kancherla Gopanna almost three centuries back.Every poem is in metrical  form,so it's very easy to by heart once it got by the child in the tender age.And the child will never forget the poems,that's why it has become a tradition to teach the poems as much as possible.Of course,the days are changing and it has been dwindling in present scenario.

Sri Rallabandi Balaji Raju,a local academician, has exclusively taken a responsibility to spreading the love towards it among the children.Yesterday,he  conducted an event of reciting more than hundred poems in the premises of Saraswati sishu mandir. The program had been taken place in open ground enjoying  breezy atmosphere. Young enthusiasts listened to the master in order to hone their  skills.Sri Raju also gifted the copies of the poems to be kept with them for reference.The event came up only with the personal interest of him out of his love towards the form of the poem.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Kolatam : A traditional dance form

Kolatam,a traditional dance form which is believed to have started from seventh century.Bhadrachalam decked up with gaiety to host the state level competitions.A couple of days back,several groups came here from different places.Every group has it's own dress code to be distinctive from others.Two sticks were used to make rhythmic sound while dancing for the song.The ground where the program has taken place filled with vibrant air.Action transformed into a joyful moments for spectators and participants alike.

All groups participated were having females of different ages.Colorful sarees and ornaments gave them added beauty during the Kolatam dance.Kothagudem group stood first and Karim nagar group bagged the second prize.All participants have been given certificates.Bhadradri Kala Nilayam conducted the program.Local dignitaries extended their help in the form of all possible ways.You're seeing in the picture was the group belonged to Kothagudem in the action.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Mutyalamma Jatara Concluded

The nine-day long celebrations of Mutyalamma Jatara (The fete of Goddess Mutyalamma) concluded today at Dummuguadem.The place is renowned for the biannual celebrations and which would draw large number of devotees from distant places.This time the event kick started on 11th and concluded on 19th of this month.Each day different rituals like Nitya aradhana,abhishekam and others have taken place.Dummugudem is almost 25 k.m. away from Bhadrachalam.And it was a navigational point during the British ruling.

The presiding Deity Mutyalamma Talli is synonymous with the place and the people who got out of it for the sake of livelihood would come here and contribute in the form of monetary and other capacities.And many devotees from several other places donated to support the event in a befitting way.And the contributors have been mentioned in the brochure along with the details of cultural activities on the occasion.TV artistes,Musical orchestra and other entertainments were there.

Small time traders floated their goods like toys,Bangles,porcelain ware,handy crafts and other things.The lanes of these outlets added attraction to the surrounding place.Usually fare is a common scenario in the Jatara.It facilitates children and adults alike buying something out there.Things remain as memorabilia.Another two years to witness the same fete.However,there is an influx of devotees everyday with unflinching faith and reverence.There are many people named after the Deity like Mutyala Rao or Mutyalu.

I visited the temple with Naren,a friend from my college days and have the darshanam on the last sunday with the assistance of a local friend,Byreddy Harsha who is pursuing his MBA at Vizag.The Organisers gave us an unexpected welcome with blaring repercussions as we have been there to release my latest Story collection.A book enthusiast and librarian Baby Kunja met there on the occasion.We have taken some pics to freeze the memories.

Monday, January 14, 2019

"Sankranti" celebrations started

(Gearing up for a Cock-Fighting...?)

January month is somewhat special with three-day bound festival of Sankranti.Telugu people would celebrate it as a harvest festival with no trace of exact commencement,however which has become a part of Telugu people.The festival is definitely of some hundreds of years history as it had been noted down in the annals of local epics.First day is Bhogi,second day is Sankranti and third day is Kanuma.All three days are considered as important with each of its prominence.On Bhogi day,having showers with plum fruits to be observed.Cock fighting is age old phenomena in the Sankranti celebrations.Kanuma is concerned with the cattle.Anyway,we can't expect the grand scale fervor like older days in the rural side.

But certainly the festival has its own charm and draws the people back to villages from their working places.On these seasonal days,bus companies do roaring business and extra trains are also served to meet the demand.Everybody who keeps working in the cities for their livelihood would start to reach their own places to celebrate the festivities along with their kith and kin.Making delicious puddings like Ariselu and Jantikalu is commonly seen.Visiting temples with  new cloths is also a must thing.And there are many things to say. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

When the school's long bell rings

The above picture which I have taken was portraying several things,of course,the time was around 5'O clock in the evening.School kids came out and waiting for their autos and buses.It's a small village Narsapuram. Around our temple town to be specified.Some parents were picking their kid and moving ahead on the scooty. Before that,you see,A temple was under construction.Behind that,palm trees and other ones.The Sun was going down in the western horizon with a weak presence of rays.On top of all,He is the Sun of 2018 last week.