Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Spiritual abode - Chinna Arunachalam

  Narsapuram, a small village is just about 16 km from the temple town of Bhadrachalam. It's the place for which I wanted to write a few words long back. But time permits me now to do so. Here a temple was built in a small way and with the donations from the philanthropists evolved into a considerable temple construction. The temple is named as Chinna Arunachalam. Chief deity is Arunachaleswara and additionally several sub shrines were also there dedicated to different Gods. 

There is some person named Siva guru swami behind all this gigantic construction. He is a staunch devotee of Arunachaleswara and with his strong desire the construction got mostly completed. All the needed inaugural rituals like Kumbhabhishekam and other things fulfilled some months back. There are many acres of land donated by father of Sivaguru swami. And some other land was purchased for different purposes like Nitya Annadaana satram and other requirements.

There were many beautiful idols of Lord Siva and other ones, all these have been sculpted by experts in traditional art form. Food is always ready to serve the devotees free of cost as there is a Nitya annadaana satram attached to the temple. Not only that, a school for studying of Vedas is also in the premises. From here, Parnasala is almost 20 km, so the devotees or visitors who are starting from Bhadrachalam can also visit it in their return journey.

With the start of this temple, the place has turned into a busy hub with several small hotels, shops and other outlets. Recently, the temple provided Rudrakshas to the interested devotees to wear. Day by day, it is getting attracted by devotees. On special days and festivals, visitors come in large numbers. And one more thing is a shelter for protection of cows, there we can find a beautiful Lord Krishna's statue. That was really a great idea. Altogether, this is a place of calm, serene and spiritual ambiance.  

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Sri Somaraju Ramanuja Rao

 Sri Somaraju Ramanuja Rao(1896-1934), a name that definitely be a most widely known one amongst the Telugu playwrights. He secured a great place by writing a number of historical, mythological and social playlets. And some of his plays tasted the ire of the British government as they had provoked national ideology in those days.

But most of the people don't know about the great writer that he had brought up and educated at Dummugudem and Bhadrachalam, although he born in Vijayawada. Their ancestor's home still at Dummugudem but in worn-out condition. His most famous drama is "Rangoon Rowdy", every drama lover might have known it. Without it, the history of Telugu drama would never be completed.

He penned stories along with almost fifty dramas. Also played a significant role in the Library movement. Somaraju participated in the freedom movement and met Tilak,Gokhale and Gandhiji in course of it. To avoid the arrest by the British government, he fled to Burma (Now Myanmar) and passed away there with ill health.

This generation hardly knew about him and his contributions to the Telugu literature and freedom movement. He lived only 38 years and brought laurels to the area of Dummugudem, nearby Bhadrachalam.

----- Murthy Kvvs

Friday, May 27, 2022

Guitar Donation

I am not an accomplished Guitar player but yes an immense enthusiast when it comes to the instrument of strings at times. Got trained somewhat playing major and minor scales apart from strumming passionately. It really would stir the inner realms of soul and give us joy when we start playing. There is lot of subject, having based on seven musical notes CDEFGABC just like what sa ri ga ma pa da ni sa for our Indian traditional music. Learning on surface is different from getting the core subject of the Guitar. This is what I understood from my little knowledge.  

Without having hours of practice daily it's impossible to master over any instrument. But many people think that having grip over an instrument is as simple as that of an online or offline course. Truly which needs lots of love and dedication along with the practice. As myself is many things rolled into one went through the road of music and grasped all these nuances from my experience. I have never resorted to eke out a living nor have seen a sought after profession in it but gave a try out of my passion on the stringed instrument for a while. Really those were the moments of inexpressible mirth and joy.

Coming to the point, leaving my ramblings aside, Today is an important day for me and something to remember as I have donated a Guitar to the Music instructor Eliya sir, who happened to be the director of Shruthilaya Academy. My sole aim behind this is, it can be useful as a teaching instrument for many pupil in the future and which is to be garnered in the hands of music virtuoso. Do all this really deserve encomiums whatsoever...? Not a bit in my view, just an opportunity to give back to our society. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

A Colonial Village

 The other day, date is not striking, went to Dummugudem. It has now nothing great to say but some old buildings which had been built during the ruling of the British. A small sleepy village situated close to the banks of river Godavari. Senior citizens told me many times about the unique existence of this place, though it looks small and nondescript now, once upon a time, lot of action had taken place with busy bazars and colonial British employees. A navigation work shop had been built nearby it to have communications through the river. Here, on the road, A building in dilapidated condition attracted my attention. And I captured the same to post on my social platforms. Once the feudal families lived in it to execute the farming in the villages around it.

After passing the construction, there were some cattle so leisurely taking rest under a banyan tree. Heatwaves souring high but these bovines remained cool. Why should I lose the chance..? Immediately captured that pose for my blog. Village was calm with serene ambiance and mysterious past. Many tales could have been told but nobody was there at the moment to make further inquiries. There were some tombs of colonial employees just a couple of miles away. And they would say historical dates and other details about the place.

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Bhadradri Cup

 Cricket fever started at the temple town by kicking off the 21st Bhadradri Cup, today in the premises of Junior college pavilion  ground. Bhadradri Cup tournament has been on every year for the last 20 years and this is the 21st year. Teams are used to participate from several other states apart from both the Telugu states. Donors, dignitaries and sport lovers thronged here in the inauguration event.  

All the ground was decked up with welcome banners and enthusiastic vibes. Usually this ground is the one where daily walking people attend here to have rounds briskly. That was the case with mornings and late evenings, just as a unmissable ritual. With this Cricket event, all sports lovers could enjoy watching the playing skills of cricketers hailed from different places.

Having united for a cause is one thing and getting support from donors is another important thing. Both seemed to be going hand in hand and to make it possible without fail. This time, though it's not high with mercury levels, a bit of heat one could feel by the midday. However, the players would never fail giving their best as usual.

( List of the Winning Teams right from 1991-92)

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Visited after Forty years

 A little known outlet which serves delectable meals since almost four decades and being in existence even for now with all that nostalgic taste located at Charla. A small town just 45 km away from Bhadrachalam. My recent visit to the place on a personal work compelled me to see the hotel which I have visited almost forty years before to have had the meals. Then I was naturally an young lad and my senses recorded the quality of gastronomic offerings. First I was a bit doubtful of its existence whether it got survived against the odds of time. Yes, it was there in the same humble place with modest furniture. In fact, it's a house cum hotel sort as first two rooms were allotted for customers and remaining ones for the purpose of kitchen and domestic life of the owner's family.

It strictly serves only vegetable meals. No alteration made in these days also. A young man came to me and took lunch order courteously. Perhaps he should have been the offspring of the owner I  met him some forty years back. A wry smile flashed on my lips. I am sure that nobody can decipher its true meaning. Some best moments are to be cherished. Not to be revealed. He served steamy rice, broad beans curry, potato fry, mango chutney, appadam and sambar. The same nostalgic smell of a simple and delicious meal. Rasam is also brought forth along with a glass of curd. Adjoined a gulab jamoon as a finishing touch delight. What else should be needed..? , nothing and I devoured all the meals with a note of utmost satisfaction.

Customers were coming in with due interval and all they looked like repeated lot. There was no rush or unnecessary spree of token taking etc., a small board kept inside the first room reads Mohan Vilas so on. It made me chuckle that I have now recalled the hotel owner's name. In those days also, people called it as Mohan hotel but no board was seen outside like it does with others. His very name was enough in that small town for a mouth smacking meal. I wanted to unravel the best kept secret to this present hotel owner to test how he would respond over the amazing fact. On informing it when I was coming out, he flushed and blurted out something excitedly. There was a gaze transfixed at me, for a little while. I took leave of him as there were customers waiting for the lunch. How couldn't I resist taking some pics of the unforgettable moments..?

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Teamed Up for A Noble Cause

 Today is the De day and perhaps to say, concluded a blend of exceptionally rich experiences regarding imparting the knowledge whatever we have in different areas. A month of coaching for constable aspirants has been ended today. A handful of teaching staff picked up delivered their best and on the last day, a send off sort meet held on the venue of coaching i.e., Reguballi Asram school,Laxminagaram.

Let me say a few words more about it. With the advent of Police department of Dummugudem mandal, for the first time, initiated a coaching centre for the local youth to brush up their skills to get succeeded in the upcoming constable written test. One month long coaching came to an end successfully and subjects like English, Maths, Physics, Social and Bio science covered judiciously. All teachers delivered their best to enlighten the aspirants.

N.Venkateswarlu garu , C.I. of the Police station, extended all his co-operation to make it a fruitful event in all respects. And he has spoken about his humble beginning and how he confronted it and cracked the job with the limited sources intact. Also he thanked Dr.Vineet garu ASP on the occasion who happened to be the brain behind this event. Teaching Staff and the aspirants have shared their experiences. Sumptuous meal was served to all the attendees. After that, all the teaching staff have been honored with shawls. A group photo was taken to freeze the memorable moments. 

--- Murthy Kvvs